March 2011 Meeting Notes

March 2011 Meeting Notes

– Club brew day was another smashing success.  We brewed 10 gallons each of a Czech Pilsner and a Dunkelweizen, and 5 gallons of a Pre-Prohibition Pilsner.

– We’ll decide how to distribute the final product, i.e., bottling or kegging.

– Brian F. suggested a cookout club meeting this summer (at his place maybe) where we drink some of the beer we brewed in March.

– The club malt order was finalized.  Thanks to everyone helping to make the process go smoothly.

– NEED A VOLUNTEER TO HOST THE APRIL MEETING.  We forgot to discuss THE LOCATION OF THE APRIL MEETING.  If you would like to volunteer to host the April brew club meeting, please send an email to the distribution or post a comment.

– If you have any other comments, please post them.  I did not take very good notes this month, and we were all pretty (happily) busy with brewing and the malt order.

2 thoughts on “March 2011 Meeting Notes

  1. Hello! I’m not a brewer, I’m a grower in Bowdoinham. We are new, starting our third year of growing Chinooks, Nuggets, Magnums, Mt. Hoods and Santiums, organically. We call ourselves “Merrymeeting Hops” and we are toying with the thought of “pick your own” and are looking for feed back on this idea through clubs like yours. We are small right now with aprox. 300 vines and will have 30 3 year olds and over 70 two year old plants. Small, yes, but small to accomodate the home brewer in Maine who prefers good beer without pestisides, fungicides and whatever comes with the fertilizers! Merrymeeting Hops is located on Pork Point Rd., come by this summer, walk out into the field (you wont miss it) perhaps I’ll be out there knocking caterpillers or japanese beetles off the plants, I usually am about 4 times a day! As I said, we are new, No one knows about us except all of the non-brewers that drive by and slow down to gawk at the tall poles with green things growing up into the sky.
    Just looking for some feedback concerning this new passion of mine..good hops! Thanks..Rick

  2. Hello Rick –
    This is the first I noticed your comment. Sorry about that. I don’t think anyone else in the club notice either since I don’t recall any discussion on the subject. Personally, I think there could be some interest in “pick your own” hops. I will circulate your comment within the brew club. Perhaps some of us will come by next summer. Thanks for posting. -Chuck Warner

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