Welcome to the Portland Mashing Maineiacs

Welcome to the Portland Mashing Maineiacs

Thanks for visiting the Portland Mashing Maineiacs homebrew club. We are a group of fanatical Maine-iacal homebrewing beer-zealots in the Portland area looking to preach the gospel of great beer and baptize those in beer who need conversion to our religion.

For now this site is under development, but you can join our mailing list by sending an e-mail to pmm-subscribe@portlandmashingmaineiacs.com.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to the Portland Mashing Maineiacs

  1. Here is a simple recipe for some of you who want to get started. It’s a simple Beerhall Bavarian Helles.
    8 lbs light liquid malt exrtact
    1.5 oz hallertauer hops
    Bavarian lager yeast.

    Add extract to three gallons of boiling water and stir. Boi for 1 hour. Add 1 oz hops 15 minutes into boil. At 1/2 hr add .25 oz. With 5 min left at remaining hops. Let cool down till it under 60 degrees, then pitch yeast. If possible let ferment cold under 55 degrees for a week, then rack into another carboy for another two weeks. Then bottle or keg and let beer lager for 4-6 weeks, then enjoy.Prost!

  2. I am a recent transplant to the Portland area and would enjoy meeting and brewing with the local homebrewers.
    Who brews where and when?

  3. Hey Dave, sorry no one got back to you. We’re still working on this site. We meet the last Sunday of every month. You can email me if you need further info at asouza001@maine.rr.com. Prost!

  4. id like to get in on some brewing meetings. i really new to this but love beer and really enjoy making my own beer. i feel like im ready to take off the training wheels. slainte

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