February 2011 Meeting Notice

February 2011 Meeting Notice

– Meeting will be on the last Sunday of the month (2/27) at 2:00 PM at Chuck Warner’s house in South Portland.

– Agenda:

Bottling of the HG brew from Feb 2010 brew day.  Bring bottles and caps if you would like to take some home.  If anyone has a counter-pressure filler (beer gun) and would be willing to bring it, please email.

Details for club brew day in March.

Discuss possible recipes for everyone to brew individually and bring to a meeting for comparison.

2 thoughts on “February 2011 Meeting Notice

  1. Howdy – I haven’t been able to make a meeting yet, but have been receiving the PMM newsletter for some time now. I was hoping that following this Sunday’s meeting you guys could post, or send out the recipe you are going to be brewing individually, as I’d like to take a stab at it then hopefully get myself to a meeting.


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