2014 Club Steering Committee Elections

2014 Club Steering Committee Elections

If you are interested in running for one of the Steering Committee positions, email Brian Hall to say which one you would like to run for. Be sure to include a couple of sentences about who you are and why you would like to have the position.

The deadline for entering the election is February 25.

The election will be conducted in early March, and the results will be announced at the March club meeting.

Good luck to all those who are running!

Additional Information:

Voting:  From our charter:  Only dues-paying active members are
eligible to vote or run for the committee.  If you would like to
become an active member, $20 to the club will do it.  We renew every
Octoberfest so anyone has paid since we started collecting dues is
good at this point.

Current committee members (as of November 2013):  Chuck Warner, Andy
Souza, Gregg Carine, Brian Hall, Greg Worster, Brian Farrell.

The positions are as follows:

(1) Meeting Director
(2) Membership Director
(3) Treasurer*
(4) Sensory Evaluation Educator
(5) Webmaster & Communications Director
(6) Public Relations Coordinator (also responsible for procuring
merchandise & equipment)
(7) Special Function Coordinator.

(**if someone wants to help with Treasurer, awesome, however we are
not changing the name on our club account so Gregg C. and Chuck will
remain assisting with moving money)

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