Club Malt Order

Club Malt Order

As discussed at the last couple meetings, we will be submitting a club malt order again this year.  The 2012 North Country Malt catalog is linked below.  Catalog updated on 3/29/12.  We need to order a minimum of 12 bags to get the prices shown in this catalog, and it looks like we get a further discount if we order > 2000 lbs. (> 36 bags).

2012 North Country Malt Catalog – posted 29-Mar-12

When I talked to the North Country rep earlier today they urged us to get our order in as soon as possible.  I guess North Country only takes orders from homebrew clubs who have ordered with them within the past 12 months, and our last order was about 1 year ago.

I created a signup spreadsheet on Google Docs at the following link.  Please check out the catalog and signup within then next week, say by 4/4.  If you want to split a sack of malt with someone, signup for a half-sack and send out an email.  This method worked out pretty well last year.

I would like to call-in the order by Friday, April 6th, or early the following week.  Like last year’s order, to avoid getting stuck holding the bag (of malt), I will not include your malt in the order unless I have received your payment by the date I place the order.  You can mail or drop payment by my house.        -Chuck Warner

Malt Order Signup Sheet:

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