2014 Club Steering Committee Elections

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If you are interested in running for one of the Steering Committee positions, email Brian Hall to say which one you would like to run for. Be sure to include a couple of sentences about who you are and why you would like to have the position.

The deadline for entering the election is February 25.

The election will be conducted in early March, and the results will be announced at the March club meeting.

Good luck to all those who are running!

Additional Information:

Voting:  From our charter:  Only dues-paying active members are
eligible to vote or run for the committee.  If you would like to
become an active member, $20 to the club will do it.  We renew every
Octoberfest so anyone has paid since we started collecting dues is
good at this point.

Current committee members (as of November 2013):  Chuck Warner, Andy
Souza, Gregg Carine, Brian Hall, Greg Worster, Brian Farrell.

The positions are as follows:

(1) Meeting Director
(2) Membership Director
(3) Treasurer*
(4) Sensory Evaluation Educator
(5) Webmaster & Communications Director
(6) Public Relations Coordinator (also responsible for procuring
merchandise & equipment)
(7) Special Function Coordinator.

(**if someone wants to help with Treasurer, awesome, however we are
not changing the name on our club account so Gregg C. and Chuck will
remain assisting with moving money)

November 2013 Homebrew Club Meeting

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Save the date… The next club meeting will be on Sunday, November 24, at 2:00 PM. Location is TBD.

October 2013 Homebrew Club Meeting

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The October meeting will be held on Sunday, Oct 27, at 3:00 PM at Bill Lamb’s house in Portland. Watch for emails with directions and more details.

August 2013 Homebrew Club Meeting

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The August meeting will be held on Saturday, Aug 24, at 2:00 PM at Bret Barker’s house.  Watch for emails with directions and more details.  Also see the club’s Facebook page.

The meeting theme will be a last hurrah for Summer brews.  If you have any summer-style homebrew remaining, be sure to bring some along.  Hope to see you there!

June Meeting

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The June homebrew club meeting will be held on Sunday, June 30, 2013, at 2:00 PM at the Erick Hagmann’s house.  Watch for an email with directions and more details.

July Meeting

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Mark your calendars…  The next club meeting will be on Saturday, July 27, at 2:00 PM at Chris Falk’s house.  Look for an email with address and directions as we get closer to the meeting date.  As always, bring homebrew or commercial beer to sample.  Also bring a glass, and something to throw on the grill or munchies.  You may also want to bring a camp chair or lawn chair.  Hope to see you there!

Next Homebrew Club Meeting – Oct 28, 2012

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Next meeting will be a brew day at Gary Fortin’s place in Biddeford.  See Gary’s email for directions.  If you missed his note, you send a note to the listserv, and we will make sure you get the details.  Hope to see you there!

Club Oktoberfest Celebration

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Saturday, September 29th at 4:00 PM – Annual Oktoberfest celebration at Brian Hall’s house.  See listserv email for address.  Spouses, significant others, and friends are welcome.

Bring your favorite liter mug, stein, boot, or mass and your Oktoberfest brew.  Feel free to bring something to throw on the grill, a side dish, or snacks.  Finally, don’t forget a lawn chair or camp chair.


Upcoming Events

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August 26th – 2:00 PM Club meeting will be at John LeClair’s house in Durham, ME. Look for another email with address and/or directions as we get closer to the date.

September 1st (Saturday) – Club display at Portland Brew Festival. Contact Gregg Carine if you would like to help out.

September 29th (Saturday) – Annual Oktoberfest celebration. Brian Hall has kindly volunteered to host. More details will follow.

October 28th – Possible club brew day. Gary Fortin to confirm schedule.

Nov – Dec 2012 – Next club homebrew competition slated. Judging to occur in late December and winners announced in January.

January 2013 – Next club malt order.

Next Homebrew Club Meeting – July 29, 2012 at 2:00 PM

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July 29th – Club meeting at Craig Dilger’s house, 2:00 PM.   Look for an email with address and/or directions as the meeting gets closer.

As usual, bring some homebrew or commercial beer to share and a glass, or just come to socialize and talk about beer and brewing.

Notes from June Meeting:

– Club Oktoberfest will be the last Saturday of Sept (9/30).  Location TBD.
– Next meeting 7/29 – Craig volunteered to host.
– August meeting 8/26 – John LeClair volunteered to host.
– Next club brew competition is being planned for Nov/Dec 2012.
– Plan to order T-shirts in near future with new club logo.  Black with white logo; Gray with black logo.  Chuck will create signup sheet.
– Gregg C. to host beer judging sessions for interested members in July/August.  Will help improve club’s pool of judges.
– Portland Brew Festival is coming up on Aug 31 / Sep 1.  Need to gauge interest for participation in club table.  (Gregg C.)
– Possible trip to Oxbow Brewing Co. in Newcastle, ME was suggested by Eric Befeler.
– Completion of judging for first club competition will occur on 7/5.  Results will be disseminated by email and posted on website.  Follow-up:  Judging was indeed completed, and results are being checked and tabulated.  Plan to send out notice during week of 7/16.

– Please email with questions or suggestions on any of the above.

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