Early March Oktoberfest Big Brew

Early March Oktoberfest Big Brew

More photos, once again – not enough were taken, but more next time for sure.

2013-03-03 09.51.26

So much grain to mill, so much milling about to do.

2013-03-03 10.09.22

Skip ahead a half-an-hour and someone decides to pour the grain into the HLT.

2013-03-03 09.51.24

Jake’s meager 10 gallon pot mashed in and waiting.

2013-03-03 10.09.40

Mashing in and pull gains out, Brian’s got the beard for the job.

2013-03-03 10.09.47

So much grain, so many good smells.

2013-03-03 13.11.14

Whole leaf hops going into the Oktoberfest boil

Sorry I didn’t get any of the havoc that was the cooling phase, or of Greg W’s oat smoked malt Gratzer. It was a fantastic brew day and was glad those who could make it out did. Thanks to all. We’ll taste and drink come September.

There are a few more pics on the Brew Days page. ‎

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