Mashing Maineiacs Ground Hog Day Competition 2020

Entry deadline is January 31, 2020.  The competition is open to all 2015 BJCP styles of beer but will not include the Mead M or Cider C categories.  Number of entries will be capped at 150.  Judging will take place on Sunday, February 9, 2020, and results will be announced by the following weekend.  Please see entry info and rules below.

Entry Info and Rules

Registration – Opens December 29, 2019 and closes January 31, 2020

Please register your entries at the competition site linked below.

Entry Information & Rules

1. Anyone who can legally make homebrew can enter the competition.  Please indicate any co-brewers.

2. All entries must have been brewed at home not using a commercial operation.

3. Please submit 2 bottles per entry, 10 to 16 ounces, any style.   Caps must be plain or blacked out.  Conventional, corked & caged, and swing top caps are acceptable.

4. No more than 5 entries per person.

5. More than one entry per sub-category per entrant is allowed, but each entry must be registered and have a unique entry number.

6. Please attach a bottle label to each bottle with a rubber band.  No tape or glue, please.  The bottle labels will be available on the competition site.

7. Drop-off dates.  Entries will only be accepted at the drop-off points between December 17, 2018 – January 31, 2020.

8. Drop-off locations:

A&G Homebrew Supply in Portsmouth, NH.

Maine Brewing Supply on Forest Ave. in Portland.

Modern Homebrew Emporium in Cambridge, MA.

-You can also drop off your entries at the December or January club meetings or with the following club members:  Brian Farrell, Keith Barkhau, Bret Barker, Chuck Warner, Gregg Carine, Andy Souza.

9. Mail-in entries.  Mail-in entries should be sent to the following address: Portland Mashing Maineiacs ℅ Chuck Warner 92 Pilgrim Rd, South Portland, ME 04106. All mailed entries must received at the mailing location by the entry deadline – please allow for shipping time.  See packing and shipping info on the competition site.

10. Entry fee is $7.00 per entry.  Fee is payable either at drop-off (attach envelope containing cash or check) to bottle with rubber band).  Make checks out to the Portland Mashing Maineiacs.  You can also pay via PayPal at registration.

11. At least one BJCP judge under BJCP competition standards, rules, and regulations will judge each flight of entries.

12. All judge score sheets will be distributed to entrants as PDFs via email.

13. Results will be announced and awards presented by March 9, 2020.

14. Registration is open until January 31, 2020.  To register your entries, complete the on-line registration form linked above for each beer you want to enter (maximum of 5 entries per person).  Please be sure to double check the style name and numbers. The competition organizers will not be reclassifying beers, and will use the style numbers you specify.  Refer to the 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines.

15. Competition will NOT be accepting entries in Mead or Cider BJCP style categories.

16. Entry deadline is January 31, 2020.  Late entries will neither be judged nor returned.

17. You may direct any inquiries to the Portland Mashing Maineiacs.

18. These rules may be changed without notice at any time by the Competition Organizers.  See this website for any updates and drop-off site changes.  Also, please review all information on the competition site.


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