Club Brew Days

Club Brew Days

Group brews are held just about every month.  Future club brew days will usually be posted on the main page of this site, and coordinated via email, spreadsheet, and possibly by thread on Homebrew Talk forum (see Maine section of HBT).


March 3, 2013 Oktoberfest Brew


2013-03-03 09.51.26

So much grain to mill, so much milling about to do.

2013-03-03 10.09.22

Skip ahead a half-an-hour and someone decides to pour the grain into the HLT.

2013-03-03 09.51.24

Jake’s meager 10 gallon pot mashed in and waiting.

2013-03-03 10.09.40

Mashing in and pull gains out, Brian’s got the beard for the job.

2013-03-03 10.09.47

So much grain, so many good smells.

2013-03-03 13.11.14

Whole leaf hops going into the Oktoberfest boil

IMG_0581 IMG_0576 IMG_0577 IMG_0580


Past Brew Days

Club Brew Day – 20 May-2012

Next club brew day is planned for May 20th at Andy Souza’s place, starting around 10:00 AM and continuing into the afternoon. All are welcome to show up at your leisure to help with or observe the brewing.  If you cannot make it earlier, feel free to come by at the usual meeting time, 2:00 PM.

Chuck and Andy will be brewing Oktoberfest biers.   Other club members planning to brew:  Garth, Gregg & Craig, and maybe Jack.

Equipment / Ingredients:

All brewers will bring their own brewing setups and ingredients.  If anybody needs anything, just send out a note.

Garth volunteered to bring a hose-splitter.

Bring homebrew and snacks if you wish.  We have ordered out for pizza for lunch in years past, but if you want to bring something to throw on the grill as well, feel free.




Club Brew Day – 27-Mar-2011

Andy Souza’s place, starting at 10:00 AM.  Brew club meeting will be at 2:00 PM.

Agenda for Club Meeting

Finalize malt order.  Please bring payment if you are ordering malt.

Web site tutorial for editors.

Possible joint Oktoberfest event with Portland German Club.

Those of you who volunteered – please remember to bring a bottle of HG brew for Gregg Carine.

Possible recipes for everyone to brew individually and bring to a meeting for comparison.

Those of you planning to bring equipment or ingredients for the club brew day, please peruse the list below and let us know if your plans have changed.


Ingredients for two 10-gallon batches

Malt – Mill your grain beforehand if possible.  You can make arrangements with Chuck or Gregg to mill it for you.  Also, Gregg Carine can bring a mill and power drill if necessary, but please send an email if you need him to do so.

Czech Pilsner

~10 lbs. Pilsner Malt – Andy Souza

~10-12 lbs. Pilsner Malt – Chris Falk

~1-2 lbs. Cara-Pils – ? (optional)


~10 lbs. Wheat Malt, rice hulls – Chuck Warner

~8 lbs. Munich 20L – Gregg Carine

~1 lb. Caramunich 60 – Chuck W.

~ 5 ounces of Carafa Special II – Greg Worster

Hops – Saaz for the pilsner; Hallertauer for the dunkelweizen – Andy S., Garth R., Gregg C.

Yeast – Budvar Lager Yeast and Weihenstephan Yeast – Andy S.

Water Treatment – Andy S.


Burner & Propane

2 – Chuck W.

1 – Andy S.

1 – Steve Milks

1 – Garth R.

 Brew Pots

Chuck W. – 15 gal. & 8 gal.

Andy S. – 15 gal.

Steve M. – 10 gal.

Garth R. – 6 gal.

Carboy and air lock:  1 each – Andy S., Chuck W., Garth R., Brian Farrell

Mash Tuns (Coolers) – Andy S. (10 gal.)

Chillers – Andy S., Garth R.

Hose Splitter & Hose – Garth R.

Sparge Arm – Andy S.

Refractometer – Gregg C.

All – Bring homebrew, something to throw on the grill, or pretzels or chips.

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