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Portland Beer Week Pro-Am at Salvage BBQ & Smokehouse

Results listed in order by Popular Vote (from Katie Lamb):

#1 – 126 Votes
MLBC Pro-Am 16 by Mast Landing Brewing Co & Keith Barkhau (Blind Tasting #6)
A sour lager with kiwi and strawberry. 4.8% ABV

#2 – 121 Votes
Fist Bump by Foundation Brewing Co & Matthew Brown (Blind Tasting #7)
It is a Brett IPA. Tropical fruit flavors and citrus abound in this tart and juicy IPA. 7.5 % ABV

#3 – 111 Votes
Barrel Aged Smoked Imperial Stout by Geary’s & Jay Horne (blind Tasting #10)
Barrel Aged Smoked Imperial Stout rich and complex with hints of vanilla, oak and fruit esters. ABV 10%

#4 – 106 Votes
Neo-Rustic Saison by Maine Beer Co & Bret Barker (Blind Tasting #5)
A hop-forward yet rustic saison; earthy, grassy, and with notes of white grape and pineapple. 6.7% ABV

#5 – 83 Votes
Roggenbier by Dirigo Brewing & Geoff Dhyrberg (Blind Tasting #9)
A full bodied German rye beer with Pilsner, caramel and Munich malts. Earthy and bold with a pleasant bitterness and a smooth finish. (Have two sips!) 4.5% ABV

#6 – 70 Votes
Ayuh RIPA by Gritty’s & Daniel Smith (Blind Tasting #3)
100% locally sourced Red IPA : Cascade & Centennial hops from Aroostook Hops & 2 row Barley from Buck Farms & oats from Grandy Oats. 6.5 % ABV

#7 – 68 Votes
Old Keeping Ale by Fore River Brewing, Jerramy Doughty & Seth Amoroso (Blind Tasting #2)
“Old ale” or “Keeping ale”. It’s a big ol malty ale with hints of roasted and smoked Malts & esters with a subtle touch of English hops. No jalapeños or star anise and this beer! 9.0% ABV

#8 – 57 Votes
Saison Du Chene by Baxter Brewing & Chris Ventimiglia (Blind Tasting #1)
A rustic blended Saison with a classic, simple malt bill and fermented with two different yeast strains got this beer started. We finished it on chipped Jack Daniel’s bourbon barrel staves to bring a hint of color and some fullness while relying on the smooth oak flavors to round out the fruity esters. Czech Saaz and Northern Brewer hops bring an earthy spice to the table and meld with the peppery phenols, delivering a complex profile to a beer that finishes clean, crisp and dry. 7.25% ABV

#9 – 53 Votes
Dark Saison by Allagash Brewing Co & Vince Simboli (Blind Tasting #8)
Dark saison with cardamom and orange zest. 8.48% ABV

#10 – 34 Votes
Dig the Fig by Foulmouthed Brewing & Gregg Carine (Blind Tasting #4)
Belgian amber ale brewed with a touch of cherrywood smoked malts, aged on fresh Brown Turkey figs and black peppercorn. 7% ABV

#11 – 26 Votes
Alternator by Banded Horn, Chuck Warner & Andy Souza (Blind Tasting #11)
Imperial Rye Altbier 7.8% ABV

Congratulations to all who participated! What an awesome line up! If you have any comments, or suggestions for next year, feel free to send them my way! Also, to those of you who took copious tasting notes, and would like to share those with the brewers, I can be the conduit for that as well! email me at


Blue Ox Malthouse Tour – October 23, 2014


National Homebrew Conference – June 27-29, 2013 in Philadelphia

– Registration for the conference opens Feb 5th.  See

– Plan to have a club brew day in late winter or early spring to brew a big batch for serving at the NHC.

– Tentatively, we have six or seven club members planning to travel to Philly.  If you are interested, please contact Andy or Chuck.

– We plan to have a booth on club night.   So if you cannot make it to Philly, you still have an opportunity to have your beer served to the national homebrewing community.  We are looking for club members who would be willing to send a keg of their beer to be served at the conference.  We will take good care of your keg and make sure it returns to you safely.  Again contact Andy or Chuck or any of the other members planning to attend.